Selling A Home in Whitefish Bay?

Are you a homeowner in Whitefish Bay who is seriously considering selling? Well, you couldn’t have chosen a better time to do so. Housing inventory is virtually non-existent and demand is through the roof. If there was ever a definition of a seller’s market, this is it.

So what’s your first step? Reaching out to Molly Judge, a Whitefish Bay realtor with over 17 years of experience, is a good start. By working with Molly, you are partnering with a knowledgeable and dedicated realtor who will advocate on your behalf to get the best deal possible.

Here is the reality of the Whitefish Bay market – buyers are waiving contingencies and sellers are getting close to 20% over asking price. The Wisconsin Realtors Association said that this market is “the strongest seller’s market on record.”

So what does that mean for you? It means that selling now is the only option for those who are seriously considering it. There’s almost no inventory available in Whitefish Bay – get out ahead of the rest of the market by getting in contact with Molly Judge today.

The key to starting the process is to contact your Realtor for a professional consultation. It is important to explain your goals for the sale and for the Realtor to carefully and thoroughly explain the process.

This is largely dependent on recent comparable sold properties, current listings, current market conditions and any home improvements. A thorough analysis of these factors will be necessary for you and your Realtor to determine a price range.

Bottom line - you should sell when you are ready. Certainly, you will prefer to sell when market conditions are to your advantage, but that's not always in the cards. Creativity, strategy, and marketing ideas from your Realtor can help give you a competitive edge.

This will be depend on the condition of your home and your expectations for the sale. Once your goals and your price range have been determined, your Realtor should provide you with a solid preparation plan. Remember, first impressions are everything when you are selling.

How does your home compare? Let Molly determine what your home's value is.

Whitefish Bay is about as in-demand as it has ever been, which means you need an accurate measuring of your home’s value to comparables in the Whitefish Bay market. Let Molly Judge use her considerable resources to get you a good idea of your home’s value and get started working on selling your home today.


Molly Judge has partnered with Sara Christian, a licensed Realtor and owner of H.Rose Interiors, to offer all of her clients complimentary staging. This important element of sale preparation will ensure that every potential buyer will walk through your house and immediately feel as if they are at home.

Intrested in selling Your Whitefish Bay Home? Let's talk.

A long-time North Shore homeowner, Molly Judge is an expert on the Whitefish Bay market, having spent 17 years as a realtor who specializes in the area. If you are looking to sell your Whitefish Bay home and want to achieve maximum results from your sale, Molly Judge is really the only option. Reach out to Molly today.

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